How to Use Video Poker Odds

Video poker games have something common with a slot machine, but instead of fruits, objects and other funny icons you will see standard combinations from five cards on the screen. The most popular kind of video poker is a Jack or Better game. Now we are going to give you practical recommendations how to play this unpredictable game. First of all download the casino software with a video poker and adhere to installation instructions. Then you will see several main buttons: “deal”, “bet per hand” and “bet max”, additionally there will be chips with different nominal and playing cards in the center of the screen. You have to make the initial bets, for this use a button “bet per hand” or special arrows to increase or decrease a size of your stake.

Your next action is to click the “deal” button to get five random cards. Right in that moment you have to decide what to undertake: some cards you may hold and some of them draw. In case you manage to get a strong hand, so you will get payouts, if not – you may continue playing. While betting you are allowed to use video poker odds calculations, this will enhance your winning results to some extent. Before making the final decision, estimate your chances or count it in the odds calculator. What is more there are diverse strategies, illustrating how to lead the game effectively, that is why choose one video poker strategy and follow its basic principles.